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  • Waterfalls Series

    2014 to present

    The Waterfalls Series began in 2014 when I took a trip supported by a Richter Summer Fellowship grant to visit waterfalls in Virginia and West Virginia. That trip and its artifacts are still a primary source of inspiration in my artistic practice. The waterfalls and cascades of Appalachia offer a sometimes gentle, sometimes powerful accompaniment to the rolling blue vistas of the mountain range. Waterfalls provide a sense of movement and activity not typical of other landscapes, and imaging that movement and that power has been the challenge which drives my Waterfalls series. But my early attempts at realism in painting waterfalls kept falling flat. They looked nice enough, but that power and movement kept eluding the final result.

    After various attempts at realistic depictions, I began literally dripping paint over the top of the canvas, allowing the cascade of viscous paint to mimic the cascade of water over a cliffside.

    This series was featured in the March 2015 exhibition entitled Waterfalls, and included in the Advanced Painting Exhibition and the Trumbull Senior Show.